"Ukraine’s European Moment during the COVID-19 Pandemic" published in Journal of International Affairs

May 19, 2020

MA students Nick Cohen and Oleksandr Yusupov recently published an article in the Journal of International Affairs, entitled "Ukraine’s European Moment during the COVID-19 Pandemic". Abstract below:

"The COVID-19 crisis presents Ukraine with a unique opportunity to integrate further into the West. The crisis has weakened Russia’s position in the Donbas and has sparked key internal Ukrainian reforms that call for more robust action. An important first step should be Ukraine’s integration into the Three Seas Initiative. Second, Ukraine and the U.S. should negotiate the terms of a new relationship by designating Ukraine a Major Non-NATO Ally. Doing so will strengthen Ukraine’s democratic institutions, lift the economies of Central and Eastern Europe, and begin restoring American prestige in the region."

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Nick Cohen and Oleksandr Yusupov are MA Students in the European History, Politics, and Society program at the European Institute, Columbia University.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Institute.