Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

The European Institute at Columbia University is joining forces with the European Legal Studies Center at Columbia Law School to launch a new Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at Columbia University.

This initiative receives funding from the European Union for the years 2018 to 2021. The Centre of Excellence, "European Union Studies at Columbia", conducts a range of activities including three research projects, a new full-semester course on EU diplomacy, and a series of events. It enables faculty from different disciplines (history and economics, law, international affairs, and political science) to work together in addressing issues of particular relevance for the EU.

In addition, the European Institute is launching a Jean Monnet Module, "Politics in the European Union", which receives funding from the EU for the years 2019 to 2022.

The activities of the Centre of Excellence (2018-2021) and of the Module (2019-2022) comprise:

  • Events on campus with leading policy makers and scholars to discuss current developments within the EU.
  • Research activities, including a research project on the international impact of the EU’s rules and regulation, a project on the history and lessons learned from the Eurozone crisis, and a third project on the rise of populism in Central Europe and the challenges it poses for the EU.
  • The creation of a new full-semester, graduate-level course on "Diplomacy in Practice: the EU and the World".
  • The creation of a new full semester, graduate-level course on "Politics in the European Union".

More Information


The European Institute is pleased to announce a new collaborative series of debates dedicated to the future of Europe, featuring leading scholars from Columbia and prominent creative writers, intellectuals, and journalists from Europe.

This series of twelve on-line programs will be broadcast on a monthly basis from October 2020 to March 2021. Each program will be devoted to one of six centrally important questions facing Europe today:

  • How Can Europe Achieve Social Justice?
  • Are Europe and America Drifting Apart?
  • Can the EU Lead the Fight Against Climate Change?
  • Is Europe Democratic?
  • Is There a European Identity?
  • Can Europe Be Sovereign?

For more information, visit the program page for the Debating the Future of Europe series:


Pierre Vimont receives SIPA "Top Five" award

Pierre Vimont's course, “Diplomacy in Practice: the EU & the World”, was one of the “Top Five” at the School of International and Public Affairs during Fall 2019. Based on student teaching evaluations, Prof. Vimont's course and teaching ranked in the top five – out of nearly 200 courses taught in the fall semester last year.



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