Founded in 1948, the European Institute (EI) is Columbia’s interdisciplinary center for teaching and research on Europe. It takes a continent-wide perspective on the region and its relations with the world. The EI organizes events on and off campus, supports faculty and student research, and manages an MA program in European History, Politics, and Society.

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

The European Institute at Columbia University is joining forces with the European Legal Studies Center at Columbia Law School to launch a new Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at Columbia University.

This initiative receives funding from the European Union for the years 2018 to 2021. The Centre of Excellence conducts a range of activities including three research projects, a new full-semester course on EU diplomacy, and a series of events. 


March 04, 2022

Heralds of the Terror: the Journalist-Legislators of the French Revolution 1793

Michael Chrzanowski (MA 2021) shares an excerpt from his thesis, Heralds of the Terror: the Journalist-Legislators of the French Revolution 1793, which explores both the roles and political publications of the French Girondin and Montagnard journalist-legislators Jean-Baptiste Louvet, Jean-Paul Marat, and Jacques-Pierre Brissot, who as former friends and colleagues, gave over to personal and ideological animosities, which blossomed into the perpetuation of conspiracy theories during the Revolution (thesis awar

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