SIPA Regional Specialization

Students in the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) can fulfill SIPA’s requirement for a specialization by completing the Europe Regional Specialization or the European Foreign Language Specialization, both coordinated by the European Institute.

The regional specialization defines Europe broadly, so students can take courses on Europe as a whole, as well as all geographic areas of Europe, the history and culture of European countries, transatlantic relations, and a wide range of social, political and economic issues.

Students who elect either European Specialization are integrated into the life and functioning of the European Institute. Specialization students receive invitations to key Institute programs, events, and student-faculty functions and are enabled to participate in the broader European studies community on campus.

Regional Specialization: Europe - Requirements

To complete the regional specialization, students take a total of three graduate-level courses (9 credits) drawn from at least two different disciplines. Students can choose from a wide variety of courses in the humanities and social sciences that are offered through SIPA, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the Law School.

Students should review the list of pre-approved courses to determine which courses they can apply toward the specialization. Please note:

  • Courses without ** in the title have a clear focus on Europe. These courses can be applied toward the specialization.
  • Courses with ** do not have a clear focus on Europe. Students may apply up to 1 ** course toward the specialization, provided that:
    • They receive prior approval from the Faculty Advisor to take the course.
    • They write the final paper for the course on a topic related to Europe.
  • Other graduate courses that are not listed can be submitted to the Faculty Advisor for their review. If approved, the course can be applied toward the specialization.
  • One intermediate-level language course in a European language (other than English) can be applied toward the specialization.

Foreign Language Specialization: Europe - Requirements (MIA Students ONLY)

Students in the Master of International Affairs (MIA) program may also choose a Foreign Language Specialization.

  • Requirements: 2 Intermediate-level European language courses + 1 approved regional course.
  • The language courses must be in European languages other than English.
  • The regional course should be selected from the list of pre-approved courses.
    • ONLY courses without ** in the title are applicable toward the “1 regional course” requirement, since they have a clear focus on Europe.


Effective Fall 2020, all verification for specializations will happen through the Stellic system. SIPA will provide more details directly to students.


Please contact the Associate Director with any questions.