Becoming a Visitor

The European Institute hosts appropriately qualified researchers and doctoral students from other universities and institutions. Visitors are normally designated Visiting Scholars.

Visiting Scholars have access to Columbia’s libraries and may obtain four-week borrowing privileges by paying a monthly fee. The European Institute does not provide office space, telephones, computers, secretarial assistance, or housing to Visiting Scholars. Visiting Scholars are responsible for arranging their own financial support and benefits, and the EI does not provide any funding to Visiting Scholars. Please see these pages for explanations of the position and privileges of Visiting Scholars at Columbia: Visiting Scholars who hold doctoral degrees(researchers from other universities and institutions).

Visiting Scholars are also expected to attend events on campus sponsored by the European Institute during their stay.

International Visiting Scholars
Please note that the Provost's Office requires all international Visiting Scholars to arrive on an appropriate visa. Scholars arriving on a B visa or an ESTA visa waiver authorization are not eligible to receive a Visiting Scholar designation (per University policy here). Generally, Visiting Scholars must arrive on a J visa.

To obtain Visiting Scholar status
You must obtain the agreement of a member of the Columbia faculty to be “nominal sponsor” for your request to be a Visiting Scholar. Normally the sponsor is one of the European Institute’s faculty affiliates at Columbia. After identifying an appropriate member of the faculty, contact him or her via e-mail with your CV and a brief description of your project that explains the Columbia resources you intend to use.
Please note: Faculty sponsors are not expected or obliged to serve as supervisors or advisors for your work.

When a member of the faculty has agreed to be your sponsor, complete the EI Visiting Scholar Information Form and forward the sponsor’s e-mail of consent, the form, and the documents listed in it to Sharon Kim. If your request is approved, the Institute will work with the International Students and Scholars Office to arrange Visiting Scholar status, and if necessary a visa. The Institute will supply a letter of invitation if you need one.

Please contact Sharon Kim if you have questions about becoming a Visiting Scholar.