Cold War Archives Research (CWAR)

As part of its Initiative on Cultural Power in International Relations, the European Institute offers the Cold War Archives Research (CWAR) Fellowship. The fellowship gives students the opportunity to conduct archival research on the cultural history of the Cold War and develop original research papers based on their findings. Those interested in public and cultural diplomacy, journalistic history, and the engagement of modern Europe with other regions during the Cold War will find abundant resources for productive investigations at archives they will visit with the group.

The fellowship was created in 2015 under the name "Radio Free Europe (RFE) Research Project Fellowship" and sponsored student research in the archives of RFE in Europe and in the US. It was renamed in 2017 to "Cold War Archives Research Fellowship” as the focus was expanded to other cultural projects and archives of other media active during the Cold War.

Fellows work as a unit when in the archives and are expected to demonstrate both independent thought and scholarly collaboration. After the conclusion of each research session, the students work on individual research papers. The goal of the project is for fellows to present their research at a conference and publish peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles.

The project is led by Professor Victoria Phillips, Lecturer in History at Columbia, who teaches two courses on the Cold War at Columbia: one on public diplomacy and the other one on soft and hard power. Professor Csaba Békés, Professor of History at Corvinus University in Budapest and Founding Director of the Cold War History Research Center in Budapest, and A. Ross Johnson, Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution and former Director of Radio Free Europe, serve as advisers to the project.

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