MA Program welcomes Fall 2019 Cohort

October 09, 2019

As part of its commitment to furthering academic and research interests on Europe, the European Institute administers the MA program in European History, Politics, and Society under the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Columbia University. More information can be found on the MA program website.

This Fall 2019, we are delighted to welcome a strong cohort of 23 students coming from all parts of the US and from overseas. Our new MA students are pursuing a diverse mix of research topics, ranging from EU governance to rock and roll counterculture!

Fall 2019 Entering Cohort

Craig Applegate
BA in Modern European History - Columbia University
Research interests: fascism, Nazi Germany and Hitler Youth indoctrination

Lauren Ashley Bradford
BA in History and German Studies - Gettysburg College
Research interests: 20th century Germany and Eastern Europe, the Holocaust, the Second World War, German-Jewish history

Alexandra Cain
BA in Political Science and History - SUNY Binghamton
Research interests: the rise of far-right nationalism, disinformation campaigns, democratic decline, human rights and trans-Atlantic relations

Ethan Cohen
BA in English and History - Vassar College
Research interests: Spain in the Mediterranean (1868-1939) and Arab and Muslim Spanish history

Nick Cohen
BA in Political Science and International Relations - Carleton College
Research interests: modern European history, central and eastern European history, the Cold War, institutional violence and diplomatic history

Ayana Dootalieva
Master of Laws - Ghent University
Bachelor of Laws - Ghent University

Research interests: EU-US relations, rule of law, EU identity, federalism, EU foreign affairs, EU law, international trade, and democratization

Faiz El Mamoune
MA in Political Science and International Relations - University of Ottawa
BA in Political Science - Concordia University

Research interests: political risk analysis, EU politics, EU economics, transatlantic relations, European identity, EU law, governance, international trade, EU-US relations

Max Ferrer
BA in History and Philosophy - Bucknell University
Research interests: intellectual and social history, the history of psychology and identity creation

Emma Flaherty
BA in International Studies - Elon University
Research interests: media framing, strategic narratives, European Union, state crime, human rights, and Russia

Adam Frick
BA in Global Studies - Temple University
Research interests: trade unions, comparative labor politics, Latin America and Western Europe

Matteo Giordano
BA in Philosophy - Sapienza University of Rome
Research interests: fascism, interwar Western Europe and Italian history

Huiyi Gu
BA in European Cultural Studies and Economics - Brandeis University
Research interests: political theory, international relations, EU security, and the World Wars

Kristjan Gudmundsson
MA in History - University of Iceland
BA in History - University of Iceland

Research interests: modern European history, social history, social movements, political history, Iceland, foreign policy, public opinion, protest movements

Ruiqi Ji
BA in History and International Relations - Tufts University
Research interests: modern European history, Nazi Germany, the interwar period, political philosophy and decolonization

William Naylor
BA in Political Science and Spanish - Amherst College
Research interests: decentralization; federalism; Spain and Latin America; minority, ethnic, and sub-national politics; international law in the EU; political identity

Claire Olmstead
BA in History, University of California, Berkeley
Research interests: the history of women's political groups, modern Spain, interwar period, fascism, gender/sexuality in late modern Europe, and radical politics

Jade Quintero
BA in History - University of California, Los Angeles
Research interests: cultural diplomacy, fall of the Soviet Union, underground protest movements, cold war history, cultural history, US-Eastern Europe interactions, counterculture in Russia, and rock and roll

Floris Rijssenbeek
MA in History of Politics and Society - University of Utrecht
BA in History - University of Amsterdam

Research interests: European integration and democratic deficits

Kristofer Seibt
BA in History - Providence College
Research interests: Germany, European Union, NATO, neocolonialism, imperialism, European history, philosophy, defense / intelligence, and military history

Quinn Shepherd
BA in History - Yale University
Research interests: modern France, Catholicism, women's history, and WWII

Laura Sussman
BA in International Relations and French - Stanford University
Research interests: Brexit, Ireland, populism in Italy, immigration, Italy, social welfare systems in the EU, and the ETS

Ruben Tjon-A-Meeuw
BA in European Studies - King's College London
Research interests: international security, EU integration, EU economics, and international trade

Oleksandr Yusupov
BA in European Politics - King's College London
Research interests: cashless society, e-governance, European Union, internet regulation, Ukraine, and social media


View the full list of current MA students here.