CWAR Publication | Students on the Cold War: New findings and interpretations

July 09, 2019

Now available as an e-book: Students on the Cold War. New findings and interpretations, edited by Csaba Békés and Melinda Kalmár, published in 2019 by the Cold War History Research Center, Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest, in cooperation with the European Institute, Columbia University.

Link to PDF here.

The publication includes work by five Cold War Archives Research (CWAR) Fellows: Fatima Dar, Adriana Popa, Monique Kil, Thalia Ertman, and Tinatin Japaridze:

  • Psychological Warfare and Soft Power: a State of Total War
    Fatima Dar
  • Bursting the Savior Myth: Intellectual Backlash against Radio Free Europe
    Adriana Popa
  • A Penny for Every Word: Radio Free Europe’s Call for “Truth Dollars”
    Monique Kil
  • Spies, Stars and Stripes: How the 1960’s Cold War Made Russians Likeable in Star Trek and The Man from UNCLE
    Thalia Ertman
  • Mind the Gap: Rebuilding the US – Russian Space Bridge in the Post-Cold War Era
    Tinatin Japaridze


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