CWAR Fellows and Prof. Phillips Present at Budapest Conference

June 10, 2019

On June 4th and 5th, 2019, the Cold War Archives Research (CWAR) Fellows and Prof. Victoria Phillips presented at the 10th Annual International Student Conference of the Cold War History Research Center in Budapest, Hungary.

The conference was organized in collaboration with the Institute of International Studies, Corvinus University of Budapest; the Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences; and the European Institute, Columbia University, New York.

View the full program here.

Video recordings of the conference below, which are all available on the Cold War History Research Center's Facebook page.

View Part 1 here, which includes:

  • Opening remarks from Director of Cold War History Research Center Csaba BEKES 
  • Opening speech from Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations in Corvinus University Laszlo CSICSMANN
  • Vladislav ZUBOK (London School of Economics) keynote speech "Did the Cold War end in 1991 ? The Soviet Collapse and the Rise of the New Order"
  • Panel 1 : Building bridges, diplomacy and relations between blocs
  • Panel 2 : Nuclear weapons and intelligence

View Part 2 here, which includes:

  • Panel 3 : The revolt of the Global South : decolonization, revolutions and national liberation movements
  • Panel 4 : The Western presence in Africa

View Part 3 here, which includes:

  • Victoria PHILLIPS (Columbia University) speech : " 'Grahamizing' and 'Americanizing' the Ballet Defectors for a Return to the Soviet Stage"
  • Panel 5 : The nature of proxy war conflicts in the Cold War and beyond
  • Panel 6 : The social dimensions of the Cold War

View Part 4 here, which includes:

  • Panel 7 : Media, journalism and propaganda in the Cold War
  • Panel 8 : Propaganda by other means and daily life
  • Panel 9 : Arts and the Cold War
  • Closing remarks from Director of Cold War History Research Center Csaba BEKES