Past Event

Book launch: European Integration and Disintegration

June 29, 2022
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Our former MA students (EHPS 2020 and 2021) just published European Integration and Disintegration: Essays from the Next Generation of Europe's Thinkers (Routledge 2022).

Join us for a conversation with some of the book authors !

European integration is an ambitious goal that attempts to reconcile grandiose visions for the future of Europe with complicated national attitudes toward unity. The added complexity of political crises, which have characterized the European project from its outset, makes the success of the European Union far from guaranteed. Today, European unity is once again at an existential crossroad, with internal and external challenges threatening its integration. This volume uniquely brings together the novel perspectives of Europe’s emergent generation of thinkers to analyze through interdisciplinary lenses these various disintegrative pressures. 

Moderator: Adam Tooze

Panelists: Nick Cohen, Ayana Dootalieva, Faïz El Mamoune, Max Ferrer, and Ruben Tjon-A-Meeuw


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