Can I receive transfer credit for courses taken elsewhere?

No Transfer Credit is granted toward the Master of Arts (M.A.) degree at Columbia for courses taken outside Columbia University.

For graduate courses taken previously at Columbia in their post-baccalaureate years, students registered in M.A. programs may request up to 15 points of Transfer Credit toward fulfillment of the coursework requirement for an M.A. degree. Credit must not have been used to fulfill requirements for any other degree previously awarded.  In this case, M.A. coursework requirements may be shortened by the amount of Transfer Credits, subject to approval by the department. For example, if the M.A. degree requires 30 credits and the student transfers 10 credits, he or she may only need to fulfill the remaining 20 credits. Transfer Credits for post-baccalaureate coursework may also partially fulfill the Residence Unit requirement for completion of the M.A. degree (2 RUs), subject to approval by the department.

  • 2 classes or 6 credits are the equivalent of 0.25 RU
  • 3 classes or 9 credits are the equivalent of 0.5 RU
  • 4 classes or 12 credits are the equivalent of 1 RU

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